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SoMax 奴作

Customized pet realistic style drawing blanket Goo 𠱸 Cat and dog custom blanket quilt

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Turn your pet into a warm blanket~

The blanket together with the goo𠱸case can be put back into the goo𠱸case when not in use, and it becomes a pet goo𠱸 for easy collection

【product manual 】

Customized Pet Realistic Drawing Blanket:
Size: 120cm X 150cm
Material: Plush fabric
Drawing style: Half-length realistic style

Goo 𠱸 set:

Size: 40cm X 40cm
Material: short plush fabric

12 different background colors to choose from

【 Instructions for ordering 】
1. When placing an order, you can upload the photo and the name you want to add directly or email to together with the order number after placing the order.

2. If you have not provided a photo within 24 hours, we will take the initiative to contact you.

3. After receiving the photos, we will email the design drawings to you for confirmation within 3-7 working days; production will begin after you confirm the drafts (if you need to make changes after confirming the drafts, you will be charged a fee for changes)

4. After the design is confirmed, we will carry out production. When the product enters the production process, we will not accept changes or refunds! The product period is about 10-14 working days.

5. We will save files for all drawings and designs, and use the same drawings or designs to purchase other products to enjoy special discounts

6. This pet portrait is a custom-made painting. If you feel that the characters are not subjective after the completion of the manuscript, the fee will not be refunded. Please understand. We will try our best to grasp the essence of each furry child. Perfectionism requires that 100% of images really do not place an order.

【 Precautions 】
- This product is high-quality digital printing and dyeing, no fading
- Product photos are for reference only
- Do not use chemical cleaners to clean the product
- The color will vary due to different monitors and light, and the product is still based on the solid color!

【Other Precautions】
Please respect the copyright law, please do not reproduce, modify without authorization, convert it into products, or use it for commercial purposes.