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SoMax 奴作

Customized pet double-sided die cut Cushion

Customized pet double-sided die cut Cushion

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Customized pet double-sided die cut Cushion / pet pillow, Hug your beloved pet every day~

silky short plush

Number of pets: 1, if you need additional pet together please contact us

【Order Notice】
1. When placing an order, you can upload the photo directly 
2. If you have not provided a photo within 24 hours, we will take the initiative to contact you.
3. After receiving the photos, we will email the design to you for confirmation within 1-2 working days;  production will begin after you confirm the drafts (if you need to make changes after confirming the drafts, you will be charged a fee for changes)
4. After the design is confirmed, we will arrange for the production. When the product enters the production process, we will not accept any changes or refunds! The product period is about 10-14 working days.

【Other Precautions】
Please respect the copyright , please do not reproduce, modify without authorization, convert it into products, or use it for commercial purposes.

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